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Create a contact form to collect new leads on your website.

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Build an event registration form & allow people to register online.

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Who is behind this site?

Formstack created this as an easy way to get people to use online forms instead of those old word and PDF forms. Formstack is an online form company that allows you to collect data, engage your customers, and grow your business through smarter online data collection.

What Happens Now?

You can use a free Formstack account to collect form submissions. You can access your account at www.Formstack.com . If you would like to upgrade your account and access all the features of Formstack you can do so whenever you like.

How Much Does This Cost?

Nothing. Nada, Zilch. You can continue to use a free account. Our free account gives you:

  • 1 Form
  • 100 Submissions
  • 1 User

Is This Secure?

Yes, we are an established company that has been around for 7 years. No “fly by night” operation here. We have very strict security and privacy policy standards. We also only partner with established software companies that are known to take customer security as seriously as we do.

Will I Be Spammed?

No, we will send you a few emails detailing your account details and some other information about Formstack but we will not spam you, sell your information, or otherwise be mean on the Internet, we promise.